Behind The Red Door by Jackie Barbosa


Erotic Historical/Anthology

ISBN: 978-0-7582-3458-2

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



“Wickedly Ever After”

Eleanor Palmer has no intentions of marrying the wicked and lusty Nathaniel St. Clair, the Marquess of Grenville. Going to his home to tell him just that, Eleanor is taken aback by the raw sensuality and passion she finds in Nathaniel’s eyes while she is trying to convince him that they would never make a good couple.  Eleanor has no idea the feelings that Nathaniel harbors for her, but she does understand the attraction that is seemingly mutual between them. Nathaniel, however, is holding on tightly to a well kept secret – a secret that could end his new relationship with Eleanor immediately.

“Wickedly Ever After” starts out with a bang and ends with a bang.  With nothing taboo, Jackie Barbosa’s first novella is sensual, passionate, naughty – I could keep going on and on.  Nathaniel is one man that knows what he wants and is willing to use what resources he can to get what he wants.  And he wants Miss Eleanor Palmer.  Grab a cold drink with this novella – you will sweat.


“Scandalously Ever After”

Captain Jack Prescott is a man tormented by dreams and nightmares.  Newly returned from service to his country, Jack is unable to rest because of his emotional trauma.  At his wit’s end, he goes to the Red Door brothel with the hopes of finding a good night’s rest.  Paying a prostitute to sleep with him is new to Jack, but when he sees Calliope he wants no one’s services but hers. Asking for and ultimately paying for a week of her time, Jack figures he will catch up on the sleep he hasn’t been able to do except Calliope has other plans.  Neither Jack nor Calliope meant to fall in love with the other – especially Calliope, a woman who knows the score.

I fell in love with Jack immediately.  A good man, he was tormented by the war he just returned from.  Needing rest but unable to sleep without someone with him was one of the hardest things Jack has ever had to admit to.  Falling in love with Calliope was easy because underneath her worldly appeal was a young woman yearning for love and never in a million years expecting to find it.  “Scandalously Ever After” lives up to its name – once Jack and Calliope fall in love; scandal is just around the corner!


“Sinfully Ever After”

Jane St. Clair has been in love with Gerard Everett ever since she was a little girl.  They are the best of friends and their times together are something that Jane cherishes with every ounce of her being.  When her dream comes true and Gerard asks her to marry him, she doesn’t hesitate to accept his offer.  Now all she has to do is to find a way to keep his attention on her and not on his various other women.  She has her work cut out for her because if there is one thing she knows about Gerard, it’s that fidelity is not something he is able to do.  Coming up with a plan, Jane is helped by her two best friends with results that could backfire and leave her once more without Gerard’s love. 

I wanted to hate Gerard.  He was a womanizer and a rake of the worst sort.  He thought nothing of his behavior and more than once I winced at his nonchalant attitude concerning Jane.  Her plans for Gerard were ingenious and I enjoyed watching this man turn from a man who cared about nothing and no one to a man possessed with the thought of being without the one woman he always took for granted.  “Sinfully Ever After” is a hot one – the loves scenes between Gerard and Jane even made me blush more than once!

Kudos to Jackie Barbosa and Behind the Red Door! Each and every novella in this titillating compilation is well written, sexually arousing, and just a very good read.  I couldn’t even begin to pick a favorite – that’s how much each story held my attention.  Behind the Red Door is a great addition to my ever expanding keeper shelf.  I can’t wait to see what Ms. Barbosa releases next!


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