Audition by Thom Jaymes

Plain Brown Wrapper

Aspen Mountain Press

Contemporary, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60168-204-8

Reviewed by Jo



Adrian Sinclair has been in show business since he was a child.  Now on his own and openly gay, he gets all sorts of reactions to his sexuality from both the public, and people he thought were his friends.  When a trusted bodyguard betrays his trust, not only does Adrian feel used, but now he has to go through the hassle of interviewing for another bodyguard.  The name of the last person on his interview list catches his eye, and he wonders if the man will live up to the name. The door opens and Adrian is ready to interview, but is it really to guard his body?

Duke Trent decides to apply for a new bodyguard job when the body he will be guarding is his favorite singers.  While Duke really is qualified for the job, he won’t be surprised if he doesn’t get it, especially if Adrian discovers the lust he is trying to hide.  Duke is ready for just about anything Adrian can ask him, but is he ready for the instant heat that happens when their eyes meet?  This is going to be one hot interview.

Audition is one fast and erotic interview that brings a singer and a bodyguard into a satisfying arrangement for both parties involved.  Adrian has to get another bodyguard and doesn’t have a lot of time.  Duke was dumped by is last boyfriend and fired by the last person he was hired to protect.  The attraction is instant and combustive—even before the handshakes are over.  I wasn’t surprised by how the interview ended but I do wonder if we will ever find out how the tour and job went.  Audition is a fun and hot little erotic getaway.


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