A Strong Hand by Catt Ford

Dreamspinner Press

Contemporary M/M BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-935192-83-1

Reviewed by Lisa



Damian Wolfe is a successful photographer specializing in BDSM shots.  He calls England home after getting some grief in his native US for provocative photos heís taken.  The lifestyle Damian chooses is that of a Dom although these days he is alone, by his own choice.

He is a struggling artist going to school and filling his free time with a job to make ends meet. Nicholas Sayers is finding out what life is all about.

There is something about Damian that makes Nick nervous, makes him screw up at work.  It will take Damianís good friend Ashley Winthrop to point out that Nick would make a great subject for their latest photo shoot on kink wear and the perfect sub for Damian.  Something special is about to happen if Nick and Damian allow it. 

A Strong Hand is an amazing example of a BDSM love story.  Damian and Nick are both fascinating, complex characters exploring a relationship while secretly hoping for love.  Although the opening communication is a little bumpy, A Strong Hand quickly smoothes out into something special.  Some readers will shy away from the M/M plotline and others will be uncomfortable with the very explicit D/s scenes and thatís really too bad because bottom line, A Strong Hand is a sensuous, emotional romance not to be missed.


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