Animal Instinct by Paige Tyler

Men of Alaska, Book 2

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid


ISBN: 978-1-60313-617-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Painting the beauty of Alaska is more than just a career choice to Heidi Gibson, it is a joy.  Heidi is supposed to be back in Denver by now, but she keeps stretching out her time because she continues to find more inspiration in the land.

Luke McCall's twin recently found love and hopes Luke will be as lucky as he is. But, how often does a werewolf find a mate, especially with another of their kind?

After deflecting yet another date invitation from Ranger Ryan Ackerman, Heidi takes her art supplies and treks into the woods. While checking out wolves in the park Luke hears a woman scream and arrives to find a bitten woman and a werewolf in animal form.  He chases the werewolf off but how does he explain that her life is changed forever because of the bite?  Life is about to drastically alter for these two and denial isn't the answer.

A delightfully well balanced mix of hot sex, minor mystery and a sweet romance all wrapped up in a paranormal titled Animal Instinct.  The hero and heroine indulge in steamy sex and fall in love while averting disaster in this slower paced romantic tale.  From the beginning the reader knows what is going on but that doesn't really detract from the well written Animal Instinct Animal Instinct is a lovely paranormal love story.


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