An Elf’s Desire by Lynn Crain

Santa’s Elves Series, Book 3

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55410-828-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Aingeal Locklin’s sex drive is so out of control that the elven council in Scotland has taken notice.  What’s the best solution?  Send in trained sex therapist and healer Fearghus Brodie to teach her how to gain control over her magic and physical needs.  Aingeal is a red-hot wanton, and for all his trained professionalism and painful past, Fearghus is not immune to his delicious new student.  He’s determined to instruct her in all the ways of passion and self-control.  Everyone believes that Aingeal is experienced, an expert in all things carnal.  Fearghus is about to find out that she’s been causing problems when ‘flying’ solo. 

There’s an irresistible playfulness about Aingeal that makes An Elf’s Desire loads of fun to read.  She’s got this mischievous quality and rebellious spirit that’s downright cute and somehow works well with her insatiable sexual appetite.  I got a picture that Aingeal was someone lusted after, envied, resented and coveted, but not wanted for who she truly was.  No one understood her, not her family and friends, leaving her alone and lonely.  Having a man like Fearghus come into her world was overkill in the best possible way.   He takes the situation in hand and punches in for loads of overtime.

 Lynn Crain does a wonderful job of creating characters that are likeable, intelligent and in need of acceptance, love, change and self-discovery.  The telling is humorously insightful, picturesque and stamped with Ms. Crain’s trademark eroticism.  I’m always charmed by the Scottish history and folklore, and tidbits of Gaelic language and terms, which adds texture and authenticity.  This hot series featuring the fiery and feisty Locklin family will rock your world even as the half-elf, half-human brood heat up their hometown, the North Pole.


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