A-Muse-Ing by Willa Okati

Loose Id

LGBT Romantic Comedy

ISBN: 978-1-59632-798-6

Reviewed by Cassie



Harper is a struggling television writer who is on the verge of his big break, if only he could stop screwing up.  He’s just lost all the work he did on a new television pilot he’s creating when a strange, naked, and very hot man appears in his kitchen.  Thinking he’s gone insane, Harper attempts to ignore the man.  Unfortunately, the guy just won’t go away.  He introduces himself as Rory and claims to be Harper’s muse, here to help him with the new scripts.

Eventually Harper begins to believe Rory.  The muse is not only helpful, but also unbelievably attractive.  He also claims he’ll be gone when the scripts are done and Harper gets the job.  Can Harper figure out how to snag his dream job without losing his muse in the process?

A-Muse-Ing is just as amusing as the title suggests.  It’s a cute, fun, hot tale of unexpected love and luck.  Neurotic Harper cracked me up, especially when he thought he was going crazy.  I also liked horny, teasing Rory.  Who wouldn’t want a muse like him?  The secondary characters, including Harper’s boss, his partner, an ex, and Rory’s boss, kept the action flowing along.  By the end of the story, I was caught up and really hoping for a happy ending for Harper and Rory.  The ending, when it came, was as sweet and satisfying as I had hoped.  If you’re looking for a fun and sexy story with a dash of sweet emotion, A-Muse-Ing is a great choice!


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