A Fostered Love by Cameron Dane

Loose Id

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-902-7

Reviewed by Ley



Returning to the one place Jonah Roberts ever thought of as home was very difficult for him, but he owed it to one of the few people who never gave up on him.  When his foster mother passed away her final request to Jonah was to help his foster brother Christian renovate and sell her house, but seeing Christian again after fifteen years opened up a flood gate of emotions Jonah so badly wanted to keep closed.  When he left fifteen years ago, Christian was so young and Jonah knew Christian would be better off forgetting about him, but walking out of Christian's life may not be so easy this time.

Christian Sanchez knew that what he felt for Jonah all those years ago was so much more than a crush. Before he could convince Jonah that even though he was young he knew his heart, Jonah was forced out of his life.  The man who return was even more lonesome and closed off then the boy Christian remembered.  Will Christian be able to convince Jonah this time that he is worthy of being loved?

A Fostered Loved was an emotionally draining story. Jonah really tugged at the heartstrings, he was closed off from the world emotionally and he felt he was not good for Christian.  Cameron Dane did a really good job with this story, Christian and Jonah were both foster kids but Christian was much more emotionally together than Jonah and even though Jonah was the older, worldly one Christian was the stronger one.  I was brought to tears quite often reading A Fostered Loved, it was a great story, beautifully written and I really enjoyed it.


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