A Dream Come True by Addison Albright

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-638-4

Reviewed by Ley



Mike Evans needed a roommate, but what he got was so much more when the person who answered his ad turned out to be Wes Shaw, an old college crush. Unfortunately, Wes didn't remember Mike and had no clue that he was gay, at least not at first.

Wes wasn't the type to deny who he was but when he was denied several roommate ads he answered as soon as it was revealed he was gay, Wes decided to keep that bit of information to himself when he answered the next ad. 

When Wes and Mike realized the attraction they felt for each other was mutual, the two developed an undefined relationship.  Will Wes, who has been out in the open since coming out be able to stay in a relationship with Mike who is still in the closet?

A Dream Come True is a sweet and beautiful story.  There was some conflict stemming from Mike's fear of coming out, but overall it was a nice easy read about a romance that was coming full circle.  Mike and Wes were very caring and respective of each other. Pretty much all the characters were likable, even the rude smartasses. I really liked Mike's family especially his dad.  Toward the end of the book the older members of his family were speaking about a long lost relative and it had me curiously wondering if there may be a spin-off to this story.  I certainly hope so. Readers looking for an enjoyably pleasant story, should pick up a copy of A Dream Come True, they won't be disappointed.


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