Young Stud by Ruth D. Kerce

Oh Yum!

Elloraís Cave

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781419915390

Reviewed by Indy



Still wearing the battle scars of a painful and unexpected divorce Kate has only had time to rebuild her life and her bank account. Her non existent free time is spent with her bodacious and younger neighbor Ryce, the muse behind all her solo orgasms of late. Kate is adamant that a man is the last thing she needs right now, especially a younger one as sharp and sexy as Ryce. Luckily all of Ryceís training made him the kind of man whoís patient because he has his sights on Kate and nothing will stand in his way.

A dozen or so stories later I must admit this is my first foray into the Oh Yum! theme of books. Being that Iím quickly approaching older woman stage myself I was wondering if a middle-aged woman with baggage could be sexy. Young Stud, showed me I had no clue. Sexy and still lovable, Kate was the epitome of a strong woman just prime for the love of a good man. Still a littleómaybe a lotó insecure she hadnít fallen into a point where sheíd lost all hope. Ryce I think was perfect, calm, collected, protective beau and on top of it all a tiger in bed. What else could a woman want? Ruth D. Kerce has provided a sweltering tale to rival the temperatures of summer. So if you havenít taken the plunge in the May/December pool, Young Stud would be a perfect start.


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