Yeti! Were? by Celia Kyle

Changeling Press

Paranormal - Shapeshifters

ISBN: 978-1-59596-913-2

Reviewed by Tanya



Sela is a werewolf who is not having a good day.  She has been locked in an industrial freezer by an unwanted suitor, while she will be ok with the cold as she can shift there is another issue that she wonít be ok with.  On the night of the full moon her libido goes into overdrive, and locked in the freezer she wonít be able to do anything about it.  But, then suddenly someone is shoved into the freezer with her. This guy is super sexy and puts her libido into super overdrive.  She is surprised when he starts to shift but is not upset as she is familiar with many different were forms.

Yosi canít believe that stopping for a drink and dinner would result in him being assaulted and tossed into a freezer.  Just great, it looks like he will be changing into a Yeti tonight.  He is shocked to see the super sexy woman sitting there. 

What will happen with them both trapped in the freezer? 

Yeti! Were? is a fast paced story with an epilogue ending.  The reader needs to be aware that there are erotic scenes that feature at least one of the characters in were form.  While this might offend some it is one of the main parts of the story.  I did not find myself bothered by this fact and in some cases (the case of Yosiís language) found it to be humorous.  The author has stepped outside of the normal werewolf and were-cat animals of recent fame and set up a story around another fictional animal the were-yeti.  I had fun reading Yeti! Were? and I think many others will also.


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