Wyatt's Chance By Ciana Stone

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 1-4199-0699-2

Reviewed by Ley



The strong exterior of a man who has no fears, is the face Wyatt Nashoba shows to the world.  As a Navy SEAL, he can show no weakness, not for combat or for women. There is only one person who has seen a side of Wyatt no one else has. Chance Davenport.  Wyatt believed Chance loved him, but that belief only led to a broken heart.  As much as he wanted to deny it, Wyatt still cared for Chance, and she still has the power to hurt him, but she also has the power to save him.

Chance knew if Wyatt was calling her, he must really need her.  Even though she tried to brush the frantic call aside as nothing, Chance could not let it ago.  Hearing Wyatt’s voice again reawakened feelings she’s been trying to suppress.  Chance knows something is wrong and she’s determined to find Wyatt and help him.

Wyatt’s Chance is a very intense and highly emotional story.  Wyatt has lived through some tough times and his head is full of graphic and tragic images and memories that his subconscious has tried to suppress.  When the memories resurface they are strong, graphic and very vivid.  My heart ached for Wyatt and the personal torture he was living through and also for Chance as she tried desperately to help the man she loves. Wyatt’s Chance is not an easy book to read, it’s very dark and all the pain and suffering is hard to take in one sitting.  I had to read this book over time.  I take my hat off to Ciana Stone, I can’t imagine the emotional toll she must have gone through to write such a violently graphic story.  I also want to point out Ms. Stone has great talent and imagination.  She produced a book that even though I had to set the book aside a few times it was definitely a story I wanted to finish and it’s also a story that will not be easily forgotten.


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