With My Little Eye by Drew Zachary

Torquere Press

Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-416-8, 1-60370-416-7

Reviewed by Sabella



DB and Jesse are back at it with the fighting, almost sex and struggling to cope when one of the partners in the relationship is dead.

This time, Jesse comes to DB with a ghost child that has been murdered, whom everybody believes died accidentally.  DB has to find a way not only to convince the police that the information he has does not come from being the killer, but as well maybe solve the case while he is at it.

However, the real problem DB is having is Jesse, his ghostly lover.  How exactly do you come to terms with having a relationship with someone who has been dead 20 years?  Never mind getting over that not-being-able-to-touch thing when they desperately want to have sex?  But never fear, Jesse has a solution which will assuredly drive DB up the wall insane – go to a real-deal psychic to get some advice on the whole touching thing…

With My Little Eye is a wonderful sequel to the funny and charming story of DB and Jesse that began in Eye Spy.  As before, DB and Jesse manage to charm, infuriate and heat you up by turns with their witty and sarcastic exchanges that will have you laughing out loud at the absurdity of the situation they find themselves in.  However, this time around Drew Zachary introduces a new character – the psychic Yanya, who will intrigue readers and leave everyone hoping for a bigger appearance in future DB and Jesse books.  DB is still full of pessimism about the world and his own life, while Jesse seemingly doesn’t care for anything of meaning at all.  But in this installment of the DB and Jesse saga we find out what really goes on behind the façade these two men present to the world and it will leave you wanting for more.  As usual, Drew Zachary has written a book that is worth every second you spend reading it and it will surely make you a fan, if you aren’t already!  With My Little Eye is a great book for a moment when you are looking  to take yourself away from everyday life and let you visit with characters that you wish you could meet in real life.

Note: While With My Little Eye can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend you read the previous book involving DB and Jesse – Eye Spy.


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