When Johnny Comes Home by Kim Watters

The Wild Rose Press

Historical (20th Century) Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Audrey is in love.  The problem is that it is with a man who she has been exchanging love letters with, while he is away during WWII.  The bigger issue is that she has been posing as her sister when sending these letters.  Now he is coming home and all of her secrets will be revealed.

Johnny was injured during D-Day and now is coming home to claim the woman who has stolen his heart from the first time he saw her, and kept it all this time with her love letters.  But, which sister is he coming home for?

Do you want a quick book that will make you go awww?  Well When Johnny Comes Home is definitely the book for you then.  Ms. Watters had me cheering for Audrey and hoping that Johnny could see what was really before his eyes and in his heart.  This was a wonderful touching romance.


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