What the Heart Wants by Cassidy Ryan

Torquere Press

Contemporary Romance (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



The last thing Jamie expected when he took his evil cat to the vet to get neutered was having to face the person he had hurt so badly five years ago.  And coming face to face with Nick just brought home to Jamie how horrible he had acted, but it also has made him realize that his feelings for Nick havenít really changed in the intervening years.  But will Nick find it in himself to forgive Jamie?

What the Heart Wants is a really hot story about love reclaimed and the power of forgiveness.  Jamie and Nick make such a hot couple that it really highlights how good they can be together if Nick lets them.  Both men will pull on every romantic heartstring as they struggle to come together in spite of their past.  What the Heart Wants is a great romantic yet quick story is just the ticket for lazy afternoon.


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