Release Date: July 1, 2008


Warrior by Angela Knight

The Time Hunters, Book 1

Berkley Sensation

Time Travel / Fantasy / Science Fiction

ISBN-10: 0425220842

ISBN-13: 978-0425220849 

Reviewed by Jo



Jessica Kelly is a painter that just hasnít gotten a break yet.  However, she is still painting and she has the support of her roommate if not her family.  And Jessica has an appointment with a gallery in just a few days; she is hoping that it will produce some interest in her work.  Then Jessica learns that there are things that can go bump in the night and will kill her if allowed too.  Jessica just isnít ready to be killed by a nightmare and just what did the nightmare mean about her roommate?

Galar Arvid is a warlord and time jumper for the Temporal Enforcement Agency and his mission is to save Jessica if possible.  But someone knows he and his team are at Jessicaís and by the time Galar can get to Jessica, she has almost saved herself.  Galar learns that night that while he was partially right about the attack on Jessica, he was partially wrong too. 

When Galar and Jessica get back to Galarís home in the 24th century, it is just the beginning for both of them to learn about the other and the attraction that is just below the surface.  Not only danger still seems to be following both Galar and Jessica but so does mistrust and hurtful misunderstandings.  Galar and Jessica have to learn to believe and trust in each other if they are going to understand what was behind the attack on Jessica, capture a killer and find a future for their love.

Warrior is action-packed with danger and a flaming hot love story.  Jessica has worked hard to get noticed in the art world only to have to disappear from her time to save her life.  Galar has been hurt by loving someone before and is not ready to trust those feelings again anytime soon.  I loved reading about Galar trying to help Jessica adjust to her new world and while Jessica tried to figure out how to break through Galarís wall to love. Ms. Knight had me from the first page with her combination of action, science fiction, compelling characters and a love that could travel back and forth through time and keep getting stronger.  I suggest settling into your favorite reading position and having a nice cold drink at hand before starting Warrior because you wonít want to stop reading to get them.  Warrior is a keeper and a must read that just made me crave the next book in this series.

If you are interested in the back-story of the secondary characters in Galarís team and his world then you can find them in Warlord.


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