Walking Wounded

Walking Wounded by Lee Rowan

Linden Bay Romance

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60202-053-5

Reviewed by Cassie



Years ago, John and Kevin parted ways when John chose to act as a UN Peacekeeper in Bosnia and Kevin joined the SAS.  Seven years later, Kevin returns to John, having resigned his post after a terrible incident in the Middle East.  John is happy to have his lover back, but is Kevinís danger really over?

Walking Wounded shows two men scarred by horrific experiences overcoming those experiences and finding love again.  John in particular almost lost his battle with PTSD, but he has mostly gotten past his pain when Kevin returns.  Kevinís wounds are fresher, and John is just the man to help him recover emotionally.  The love scenes are hot and sweet, and there is an interesting suspense storyline as well.  Really, the only thing I disliked about Walking Wounded was the ending, which seemed rather saccharine after the sometimes gritty and emotional story of the book.  I personally felt it was too much.  Still, Lee Rowan has penned an enjoyable and emotional romance, and Iíll be checking out what else she has in print. 


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