Vinculum by James Hogue

Torquere Press

Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-373-4, 1-60370-373-X

Reviewed by Sabella



Todd has been having weird things happen to him lately, so when a woman walks into the ER and proceeds to transform into something unreal and attack him, Todd isnít really thrown when he can defend himself with some sort of magic.  That, however, doesnít mean he doesnít have questions or that all thatís going on doesnít confuse him.  So when Connor, a total stranger, literally pops into his living room Todd just smiles and offers the man pizza in exchange for answers.  The information Todd gets is not only difficult to believe, but also impossible to deny along with the compelling attraction he feels for Connor.

But the deeper Todd gets into the magical world the more he is exposed to the evil element which pushes him to fulfill a prophesy which will cost him the love of his life.  Will Todd chose to save the world or serve his heart?

Vinculum is a fast-paced tale of magic and mayhem with a helping of romance. As a whole, this story has a good premise that was marred by the abundance of stereotypes, hysterical reactions of the characters and the constant pauses in the action to apologize and/or explain why their phobic reactions to a gay relationship or the possibility of such a relationship is not ďacceptableĒ to them, but now they have seen the light and will reform their ways.  Also, there were numerous pauses in the middle of climatic moments to give background of secondary characters that had no bearing on the romantic plot and only served to postulate on the injustice of different societies regarding gay men or just generally present societal views on minor issues.  I found the characters unappealing and unsympathetic while remaining obtuse to the obvious solution to the main conflict driving the action.  While reading the book I at times felt the need to walk away to clear my head of all the drama and soap opera behavior.  Vinculum is not a lighthearted or short read but if you can overlook the drama and stereotypes the characters present the magical dealings in the plot will entertain you.


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