Utter Cupidity by Toni L. Meilleur

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-545-4

Reviewed by Shayna



The Olympian gods have had enough.  After countless centuries of dealing with the God of Desireís partying ways, the gods have given Cupid a task.  Cupid has one month to get a mortal woman to agree to marry him or he will be stripped of his powers and immortality.  The task seems simple enough, until Cupid hears the rules.  (1) He cannot lie to the woman, (2) the woman has to agree to marry him within a month, (3) the god cannot use his powers to seduce her, and (4) the marriage-opposed goddess Artemis will choose the woman.

Brea Saunders has been burned by love and has no desire to ever be romantically involved again.  But fate has other plans for the beautiful interior designer.  When a difficult client sends her on a search for hard-to-find paintings, Brea finds herself face-to-face with the most gorgeous art dealer sheís ever seen.  Can Brea learn to trust once more? And will Cupid be able to play by the rules and outwit those trying to sabotage him long enough to fall under loveís spell himself?

I must admit, Iím always intrigued by stories that put a new spin on my favorite Greek mythological characters.  I was more than pleased to find Toni L. Meilleurís Utter Cupidity a delight.  Ms. Meilleur weaves a lively romantic tale of two people who have never known love but still manage to find it in the most unlikely of ways.  Cupid, as befitting the God of Desire, is an utterly delicious hero who, though a playboy in the past quickly falls head over heels for his heroine.  Brea, though hurt in the past, made me root for her to take that step and find happiness.  Fast-paced, sexy, and fun, Utter Cupidity is an enchanting read from beginning to end.


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