Tylerís Woman by Jan Springer

Outlaw Lovers, Book 4

Elloraís Cave

Erotic Futuristic/Mťnage/Gay

ISBN: 978-1-4199-1655-7

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Tyler Outlaw was imprisoned for years in a terrorist prison.  He, along with his best friend Hunter, were tortured and forced to submit to sexual cruelty and domination by their captors.  This imprisonment led to Tyler and Hunter becoming sexually dependent on each other for their comfort and their sanity especially since their family and loved ones were told that both were missing in action.

Laura Callahan and Tyler Outlaw were lovers.  When she was told that he was MIA and presumed dead in the war, Laura immediately signed up for the resistance and allowed herself to be claimed by the Barlow brothers. Every day since Tylerís imprisonment she has had to watch herself and allow herself to be treated as a sexual plaything just to survive.  When Tyler shows up and lets Laurie know in no uncertain terms that she is his, her heart sings but she is also scared because if there is one person in the world that the Barlow brothers hate, it is Tyler Outlaw.

Tylerís Woman is the perfect title of this book.  Laura was Tylerís woman no matter that she had been claimed by sadistic brothers intent on seeing him dead.  Her heart belonged to Tyler and within weeks, Hunter.  I like how Ms. Springer handled the M/M aspect of Tylerís Woman.  Nothing was sugar-coated but handled in an erotic and heart warming way.  I look forward to more installments about this wonder Outlaw family, especially when there are more brothers needing to make a claim!


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