Topaz Delirium by Lynne Connolly

Department 57

Loose Id

Romantic Suspense/ Shape-shifter

ISBN: 978-1-59632-664-4

Reviewed by Jo



Svetlana Yevchenko, known in the modeling world as Topaz, is exhausted and running on fumes.  But itís the end of couture week in Paris and she is the top model for the House of Lebec.  Svetlana just wants to get through this last runway show and then to a well-deserved and restful vacation.  However, that might not be in the works anymore as Svetlana is also an agent for Department 57 and itís beginning to look like she going to be on assignment.

Jasper Lebec and his house are one of the newest on the scene.  Jasper has become one of the most powerful men in the world of fashion after only a few years.  It is a great cover for his other job, that as the head of Department 57 in France.  Jasper has been trying to pinpoint where a new drug that is killing vampires is coming from and it looks like he might have found it.  Now he just needs to send one of his best agents in. 

Svetlana and Jasper have been circling around each other since they met and the smoldering passion has been getting hotter and hotter.  Jasper carries a secret that means he can never love, but he thinks that just maybe one hot and sexy fantasy night with Svetlana will solve the tension between them.  Svetlana agrees to the assignment and to Jasperís offer of one night.  When the night is over and the assignment must begin, neither Jasper nor Svetlana are totally aware of the dangers coming their way.  When Department 57 closes down the new drug manufacturer, will Jasper and Svetlana come out of it and be able to pursue the love that has sprung up between them Ė even if it might kill Jasper?

Passion, sexy intrigue, and danger all intertwine in Topaz Delirium towards an ending that I totally did not expect.  Svetlana has come to accept her feelings for Jasper can never go anywhere.  Jasper has wanted Svetlana from the beginning, but he is her boss and besides, he knows love can never be his.  I could feel the smoldering feelings between Svetlana and Jasper from the opening scenes and it just became hotter and more explosive as they worked to stop the makers of a new and deadly drug.  I have long wondered what Svetlanaís story would be and Ms. Connolly did not disappoint.  I have always wondered about the head of each department and while I now know about Jasper, I only wonder more about the others.  Topaz Delirium is another wonderful addition to the Department 57 series and one not to be missed.  Jasper and Svetlana kept me up reading way too late because I could not put down their story.  While I was sorry when I turned the last page, I know that all I have to do is flip back to the beginning to experience their love all over again Ė and Iím betting you will feel the same way.


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