To Cure an Obsession by Elyssa Lynne

Elloraís Cave

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781419910395

Reviewed by Tanya



Rebecca has lusted after Mr. Sexy for months and months.  What is she going to do now that she is less than two weeks from moving away, and she seems to be more obsessed about him that ever?  She lets her close friend convince her to have some fun on Halloween and secretly pursue him in hopes of getting him out of her system.  But, what will happen if once isnít enough?

Maybe as Becka she canít approach him but as Fantasy nothing is holding her back.  Suddenly what started as a way to cure an obsession has turned into something neither of them can live without.  What happens when he is suddenly tied to one of her last assignments?  What will happen if her growing desire and feeling for this man get one or both of them fired, and will he hate her when he finds out her real identity?

To Cure an Obsession was one of the most creative stories I have read in a while.  The ways that Ms. Lynne set up for Rebecca to meet Mr. Sexy were fantastic.  I thought that women everywhere would connect with Rebecca and her quiet lusting after Mr. Sexy, though most would never have the chutzpah that Rebecca did in getting what she wanted, to cure an obsession.  I have to say that To Cure an Obsession is not the last book of Ms. Lynneís that I will be reading.


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