The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Nancy Madore

Harlequin Spice

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-0-373-60516-3

Reviewed by Chris



The king of the lovely unnamed kingdom in this book has twelve daughters. Each daughter has grown up, married her prince, and moved not too far away from their father. Each seems to have found her happily-ever-after. However, something rather peculiar is happening in their households. Every morning, the princesses wake up to find their shoes completely worn out. While it’s keeping several kingdoms’ worth of cobblers in business, the king is worried and offers a reward to anyone who can solve this mystery.

The reward? Half the king’s kingdom. The punishment for failing? Death.

Many men die trying to unravel the riddle. Finally, Harmonia Brist, a wizardess from a faraway kingdom, arrives with what she believes to be the solution. The king, tired of putting people to death, modifies the challenge’s conditions. If Harmonia solves the riddle, she can have any one thing in his kingdom. Wait ‘til you find out what she wants.

Harmonia is convinced the princesses are experiencing discontent in their marriages. To escape their troubles, they return each night in their dreams to their father’s castle and dance the night away. This discontent is manifested in the princesses’ worn-out shoes.

Traveling from household to household, the wizardess diagnoses each problem and issues her solution. From magical bubbles to chastity belts, golden eels tucked into a princess’ privates to body-swapping, Harmonia succeeds in bringing sexual bliss into each household. Now if she could only steal some of that happiness for herself…

Tired of reading about clits, slits, cock, and pussy? Want to read an erotic tale whose language leaves you hot but not cringing? Try Nancy Madore’s The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Ms. Madore brings a breath of fresh air to the erotic industry. I cannot gush enough about this book or this author’s style of writing. Erotic, yet romance-friendly. Sexy, hot, and stimulating, but written in a Grimm Brothers fairy-tale format. This is a must read.


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