The Reluctant Patruchio by Kay Furness


Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-1-58749-671-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Kate has always been a fun loving and outgoing young woman.  The problem with this is that a young English woman is not supposed to get into the kind of trouble that she does, constantly.  In fact this seems to be keeping any interesting suitors away from her, and getting her into trouble.  Her latest foray into adventure, while it was supposed to teach someone else a lesson, seems to have also hurt a few innocent parties along the way.  Kate has gotten into situations before where she tends to think and act, without completely thinking through the actions, and looking at who might get hurt.

Now her Aunt and Uncle are almost beside themselves as her actions are starting to reflect badly on them.  While this is true, they are more concerned with how it will affect Kate in the long run.

Enter Ally, a long time friend of the family, and successful businessman in his own rite.  He is the younger brother to a Viscount, and has long seen Kate as the pesky younger sister of his friends.  Though she was actually one of his friendís cousins, when her father passed, and her mother ran off, she went to live with her Aunt and Uncle.  Ally is driven nuts by Kateís actions but still is pulled into the role of watcher.  He even sets up a fake engagement when one of Kateís forays gets out of hand.

But, will the engagement turn out to really be a fake or is there more to their interactions than they are giving each other credit for.

I was sucked into The Reluctant Petruchio long before I decided I really needed to learn the definition of the word.  I found that it referred not to a definition but to a Shakespearean character who like Ally was reluctantly brought into service to coach a woman, and keep her in line.  I loved the spunk that Ms. Furness wrote into Kateís character, while keeping the types of things that she would try true to the time period. Not only was I drawn right in but the story kept my attention right. I loved how, as usual, the main characters were the last to know what everyone else did, that they were in love with each other.  If you love historical romances, as I do, than you will want to pick up The Reluctant Petruchio to add to your collection.



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