The Prince and the Single Mom by Morgan Ashbury

Magic and Love 1

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-933563-10-9

Reviewed by Tanya



Single mother Catherine Jones and her young son (Jamie) are accompanying her mother (Hannah) on a trip to the kingdom of Boisdemer, which Hannah won.  This is really the first time that Catherine has let loose and had some fun since she was duped by Jamie’s father.  She is enchanted by the man who is helping Jamie on the horse, during a horse-riding outing from the resort.  She is intrigued by his looks as well as his demeanor.  Though when she finds out he is a real life prince she is not so sure anything can come of the spark they seem to feel.  Can Phillip convince her that she is meant to be a Princess and that he loves her son?

Hannah is drawn to the older handsome man (Alex) she sees across the room.  She is not sure she ever felt a fluttering her stomach over a man before.  But, she takes a chance, as she is on the vacation of a lifetime, and decides to do more than just a little sailing on his boat.  While both of their feelings for each other grow ,Alex is also ‘digging a deeper hole for himself’ you see he has forgotten one important thing in his dealing with Hannah.  He has forgotten to tell her he is not really mild mannered Alex Cross, he is actually King Alexander. 

The two fairy godmothers that are trying to get these two couples together definitely have their work cut out for them in this story.

The Prince and the Single Mom is the fantastic start of a series of stories by Ms. Ashbury featuring the modern day kingdom of Boisdemer and princes, kings, and a fairy godmother or two.  For those who don't believe in fairy godmothers anymore you should read this story and it just might change your mind.  Ms. Ashbury does a wonderful job with the romance between Kate and Prince Phillip, including how Jamie would be a strong part of any relationship and Phillip's acceptance of him could make or break a relationship.  Additionally, Hanna and Alex's romance shows the reader that just because you are more than forty does not mean you are dead.  The author did a great job in planning out the story so that both plot lines worked together and even fed off each other in places.  She additionally made the reader see how important it is to tell the truth and even lies of omission may someday come back to bite you.  I found The Prince and the Single Mom a fun contemporary romance.


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