The Pirate’s Dark Revenge by Lorraine Kennedy

New Concepts Publishing

Time Travel Romance

ISBN: 1-58608-996-x

Reviewed by Shayna



After her grandfather disappears at sea in search of a mysterious island, Rebecca Ashton heads to Jamaica to discover the truth behind the curse that has caused all of her family members to die at sea.  Once on board her grandfather’s sea vessel, Rebecca begins to have visions of a seductive pirate.  When a deadly storm sweeps Rebecca overboard, she finds herself in a different time and place.  It’s the seventeenth century and Rebecca has just become the prisoner of the very sexy Captain Jonas Shelton.  With danger in abundance and a curse determined to tear the lovers apart, will Rebecca and Jonas’s love defy the odds stacked against them?

The lure of the sea and the dark and dangerous pirates who sail on it is, for me, a seductive draw.  As such, I was looking forward to reading Lorraine Kennedy’s The Pirate’s Dark Revenge.  Unfortunately, the story moved a bit too quickly for me and I had a hard time getting into it.  I continually felt like I was a few steps behind the characters and was missing events that would fill in the blanks for me.  While I could follow the story, I had to sacrifice an emotional connection to the characters to do so, as I spent more time trying to guess what I had “missed.”  While the hero and heroine were likeable and the plot had promise, more often than not, the high speed of The Pirate’s Dark Revenge left me adrift at sea.


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