The Model Man by Nicole McCaffrey

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Tori



Derek Calavicci is the top male model for romance book covers.  He lives a fast-paced life filled with beautiful women throwing themselves at him.  Derek is not looking to settle down but has begun to find his life lacking. When he meets the author that made him famous, and she turns down his advances, he begins to understand what he is missing.

Kelly Michaels’ is not interested in a fling.  She is divorced, and needs to provide a good influence for her two teenaged children to make up for her ex -husband’s mid-life crisis.  When Derek begins his attack on her senses she tries to deny what she feels.  After an encounter with the paparazzi they are forced to act like a couple for the next two weeks.  How will the older mom of two be able to resist Derek despite the resistance of their being together in the first place?

In The Model Man all of the main characters are forced to grow, leaving you sad when the book is over because you like them so much. While Derek is a model he is never made to look too conceited.  He has a great personality and is more then just eye candy. I found myself routing for Derek to win Kelly over.  Kelly is a normal author, mom, and woman and has realistic issues.  Her kids act their ages and cause a realistic amount of tension.  Characters relate to each other naturally and never does it feel forced.



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