The Last Bite by Evangeline Anderson

Loose Id

Shape-shifter Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-686-6

Reviewed by Sabella



Cade has been hunting demons for a long time and he has been as successful as he has due to the immunity to their bites his lycanthropy conveys.  However, after one particularly harrowing night he drunkenly posts an ad on Craig’s list for an apprentice but he never expected anyone to show up, especially someone like David.

David is young and human, both major disadvantages in Cade’s line of work.  However, despite all the things against him Cade takes him on…

As their relationship evolves to more than Master and Apprentice David fights to hide his feelings from Cade, while Cade fights his desire to take what David is clearly offering.  But, when David’s life is threatened by numerous demon bites Cade is forced to make a choice he had hoped to avoid forever…will giving David the lycanthropy virus keep him alive or doom him to a different death?

The Last Bite is a story told in flashbacks that reveal the depth of the feelings between Cade and David while revealing the difficulty of Cade’s choice.  Cade and David are not fully explored as the story is a series of encounters that show their deepening feelings in glimpses of brief quasi-physical encounters, but the developing emotion shines through leaving you wishing for a longer story that explores the lycanthropy, demons and the hunting itself.  Evangeline Anderson will whet your appetite for more of this universe with the teasing glimpses of it you catch throughout Cade and David’s story.  The Last Bite is a great summer read that is perfect for a quick and erotic break.


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