The Invaders by Gregory L. Norris


M/M Sci-Fi Paranormal

ISBN: 978-159426-880-9

Reviewed by Ley



Philip McKinley is the typical popular boy next door, growing up in the rural town of Verdance, but Philip has a secret that if it were to come out, it could ruin him.  This was a chance Philip was willing to take once he meets Julian, the son of the new family who just moved to town.  Unlike Philip, Julian isnít your typical teen, although he too has secrets.  Julianís secrets if revealed could have a devastating outcome on the fate of the world.

The Invaders is truly a very different type of romance story.  As the title indicates the world is on the verge of an invasion and itís up to Julian to save it.  His involvement with Philip could be disastrous to the outcome of his enormous task of saving the world or as with any good romance the love of a good man can be the added strength he needs to fulfill his task.  Julian is unlike any character I have ever encountered in a story, heís a shape shifter but not the typical kind, I wonít elaborate further as not to give away too much of the story.   For sci-fi lovers The Invaders is one for the to be read pile.


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