The Hunter By Yolanda Sfetsos

Cobblestone Press

Urban Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60088-248-7

Reviewed by Chris



Breena, the land of the faery, is in an uproar. An evil queen has been replaced with a more trustworthy ruler, Shay Lee. No less dangerous than the last, Shay Lee is bent on finding faery folk and changelings and returning them to their homeland. Meanwhile, goblins seek to kill off the faeries in both the human and Fae world.

Miki Bloom’s opted out of Breena’s battle. As a Fae-hunter, she’s been sent to the human world to track down lost and hiding faery folk. She also has to battle the evil creatures seeking to harm the Fae. This includes Adolf, a goblin and former gigolo to the deposed queen.

Unfortunately, Adolf’s presence puts a damper on the blossoming relationship between Miki and her would-be lover, the human Peter Thornton. Well, that and falling in love with a human is against the Fae law. Becoming entwined in Peter’s life leads her to his niece, Ciara, a child Miki suspects is half Fae.

Who in the Fae world would sleep with Peter’s brother, Roger, an obvious Fae-hating man? And worse, why would the Fae woman leave her child behind? The ante is upped when Ciara is discovered missing and Miki fears the goblin has her. Can Peter accept Miki for who she is? And even if he does, will Queen Shay allow their love to continue?

Not the fastest paced story, The Hunter is an original tale set in Sydney and sprinkled with faeries, goblins, and sprites. Yolanda Sfetsos has an engaging voice and her depiction of Peter, by no means an alpha male and yet not spineless, is enchanting. While Miki is a trained killer, she’s also not a stereotypical ball-busting action heroine. Some parts of the plot are left unclear and hanging, but it is nonetheless, a satisfying afternoon read. On a side note, I enjoyed the discreet and yet well-done cover art.


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