The Guardian by Shayne Carmichael


M/M Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59426-812-0

Reviewed by Ley



Bryanís guardian Jaden St. Ivesí has taken care of Bryan his entire life and because of him Bryan has never wanted for anything.  The gifts heís given Bryan over the years were beautiful and most were rare antiques.  Bryan has treasured every single one of them, but none compared to the gift he truly wanted, and that was to meet the man who has appointed himself his guardian.  Every attempt Bryan has made to meet Jaden over the years have been denied and Bryan doesnít understand why.  Now of age and full of determination, Bryan refuses to take no for an answer and set forth a plan to meet the man whom heís only imagined in his dreams.

The Guardian is a wistfully beautiful story.  Bryan is a sweet and compassionate young man with two loves, his music and his guardian, a man heís never met but feels he already knows.  I was taken with this story from the start; Shayne Carmichael did a good job creating a mystery around whom Bryanís guardian could be and how the two were connected.  Once they finally meet face-to-face things progress rather quickly between them emotionally, but it didnít feel out of place because of the strong connection between them.  As much as I enjoyed the plot of the story I did find that some of the chapter breaks hurt the flow of the story, especially when they came in the middle of a love scene.  Other than that The Guardian is a good story and Iím sure others will enjoy it just as much as I have.


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