The Deed by Christy Gissendaner

Cobblestone Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60088-209-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Natalie is trying to escape the recent setbacks in her life.  Mainly the breakup of the five-year relationship she had been in when she finds out something shocking about her boyfriend.  She figures one way that will help to comfort her is to spend the holiday at the family beach house, since she canít take the time off to spend with the rest of her family.  But, when she arrives at the shared beach house she finds it isnít empty.  Oh things are just perfect, the first man she has ever had a crush on, and who turned her down years ago is also there.  While their childhood is tied together by their parents, and the fact the beach house is shared she is not sure she is up for the mental battle that will ensue in sharing the house.  But, it looks like Mother Nature has other plans for her.

Drew is at the beach house for the holidays as it is where he feels closest to the memories of his parents.  It hasnít even been a year since their tragic early death, in a plane crash.  But, he didnít count on the emotions that being all alone in the house would bring.  Especially the ones for his long time crush on Natalie.  Boy did he mess that one up.  But, it looks like he might get another chance when who but Natalie should show up just before a huge storm is to start?

Will the two finally let their true feelings out and let nature take its course?

The Deed is a fast paced Christmas inspired story that will warm your heart.  I loved how both characters had been "crushing" on each other for more than a decade but were afraid to do anything about it.  Then the Ms. Gissendaner sets up a holiday encounter where Mother Nature helps to set the stage so that maybe they will give into their feelings and take the chance.  The Deed is a winner for those who understand crushes, friendship and love.


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