Temptation of the Butterfly by Michelle M. Pillow

Zhang Dynasty, Book 2

New Concepts Publishing

Futuristic Romance

ISBN:  1-58608-992-7

Reviewed by Jambrea


Princess Fen wants what she canít have because the man she desires is below her, a common servant whom her mother will never allow her to be with.

Piers Aaron is drawn to the beautiful princess, but he knows he is playing with something he can never have.

Will love really conquer all? Or will the two be torn apart by tradition?

Temptation of the Butterfly is the wonderfully written sequel to Seduction of the Phoenix.  Michelle M. Pillow went above and beyond in this beautiful tale of forbidden love.  Temptation of the Butterfly surpasses the first story in the emotional pull and struggle of Fen and Piers.  Ms. Pillow broke my heart and made me cry, but she made up for it in the end and showed me how strong Fen is and what she is willing to do for love.


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