Tartan Surprise by Selena Illyria


Paranormal I/R

ISBN 978-1-60521-017-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Katherine Bordeaux has just arrived in Scotland to start her new job as an assistant to the Alpha of a Highland werewolf pack.   She goes for a drink at the neighborhood pub and spots a gorgeous wet-dream of a Scotsman.   Needless to say, Iain OíKeefe is hard to resist in his kilt, and Katherine isnít trying very hard to say no once he makes his move.  The evening ends with a megawatt bang.  Katherine chalks it up to a pleasant one-night stand, until the next day when she goes into work to discover that Iain is her bossí son and in line to take over the pack! 

Can things get any more complicated?  Sure they can, when the sexy werewolf in question seems to have difficulty settling down.  Katherine isnít the type to stand for any nonsense, no matter how mouthwatering Iain is.  Itís a good thing he finds her equally irresistible - for a human.

I was floored by this steamy surprise of erotic goodness!  Katherine and Iainís attraction to one another is scorching, instantaneous, and a force to be reckoned with.  Theyíre very likeable characters.  Katherine is assertive, which compliments her independence and confidence.  The force of Iainís dominating ways made me wish I was in her place.  Tartan Surprise was as rich, succulent and hot as a cup of mocha latte.  I was fanning myself from the heat of this deliciously naughty story.  Iím looking forward to reading more of Ms. Illyriaís work in the future.



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