Taming the Mountain Mist by K.C. Warwick

Torquere Press

Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Lisa



Recently appointed Commander of an out of the way Roman Garrison in the north of Briton, Justin figures he will have to prove himself to his men as a leader.  After all, he is a relatively young man and the previous commander had been there many years leaving the post due to age.

People in the nearby village and the fort as well did not hunt wolves in the area for any reason, whether out of fear or out of respect, Justin soon learns because of Falan, local healer and shape shifter.

Justin first meets Falan after getting lost in the afternoon mist while hunting deer.  Whether myth or man, Justin is drawn to Falan, even knowing if he acts on his emotions he could jeopardize his career.  Danger also surrounds the pair as jealousy from an unknown source threatens to erupt and death to soon follow.

In Taming the Mountain Mist a delightfully wicked love story unfolds to enchant all.  Watching these two honorable and lusty men reach out and choose love through adversity was a treat.  Author K.C. Warwick pens a sexy and stirring tale of passion when the Romans controlled Briton so long ago. Itís the classic story of the overlord and the villager with a twist as two men are the lovers.  Taming the Mountain Mist is a sensual interlude to read and enjoy.


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