Taking Command by Jennifer Leeland

Liquid Silver Books

Science Fiction, Molten Silver

ISBN 978-1-59578-415-5

Reviewed by Indy



As a woman in a male dominated field Daniella Pearce ensures that she maintains a strict façade, on the outside, one her male counterparts won’t be able to find fault with. Her inner thoughts and fantasies however are filled with secrets of dark desires, laced with pain and pleasure. On her latest colonial assignment Daniella decides to use the Virtual Fantasy Room to help with her physical needs while on the Planet Asberek and is blown away by the realism of the created hologram. A hologram that turns her body inside out and leaves her mind shattered. One whom she finds out later is really Captain Jake Tarune, a Dom with dark desires of his own who has now identified Daniella as suspect in the destruction of military property. As Jake and Daniella explore their explosive connection despite there combined misgivings, there is someone on the planet Asberek who doesn’t want her alive, someone willing to use their fantasies and desires of others around them to silence her once and for all.

Deep, dark, hot and heavy! Those are the first words that come to mind as I attempt to explain how exceptional I found Taking Command. Set in a futuristic world, where as much as things have changed there is still so much that hasn’t. Daniella is a perfect example of a woman who instead of embracing her desires has to hide then in fear of how she will be received by her male counterparts. Her unplanned encounter with irresistible and dangerous Captain Jake is an example of fate, and a computer program with a mind of its own, at work. Jennifer Leeland did an excellent job of creating a scintillating story filled with erotic pleasures while still maintaining a rather interesting and intriguing storyline. I highly recommend Taking Command for anyone who enjoys the bite of bondage and the high that comes with letting go of one’s inhibitions.  



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