Taken with the Enemy by Tia Fanning

Desert Phantoms, Book 1

Resplendence Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 26-201-101-411-3

Reviewed by Lisa



In Iraq as support for an infantry battalion, Combat Medic Sergeant Brenna Mathews was frantically treating a wounded soldier in a crumbling building when she first meets him, with the scent of Sandalwood in the air.

Brenna is kidnapped and taken to an unknown location yet a hint of Sandalwood in the air tells her that she has met her captor already.  He offers no name or answers as to where she is or why she has been brought there.  Brenna fears Stockholm syndrome is taking over as she slowly falls under the spell of her jailor, the man who repeatedly says that she will not be harmed.  There must be a way to escape her jailor before her heart is broken although Brenna fears itís far too late already.

Dramatic and at times intense, Taken with the Enemy ushers readers on an emotional roller coaster ride.  Dropped into an extraordinary situation, Brenna battles an unknown enemy and her fragile emotions.  Fans of Suzanne Brockmannís award winning Seal Team series should enjoy reading Taken with the Enemy.  At times I felt as though I was seeing directly through Brennaís eyes, her confusion, compassion and all the contradictions in-between.  Taken with the Enemy is a unique love story and definitely something special!


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