Subtle Destiny by Beth Kery

Subtle Lovers series, book 4

Elloraís Cave

Sci-Fi Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 97814199154

Reviewed by Ley



Skylar lost her husband Duse at the hands of the immortal enemy of the Watchers. The last person she feels she should turn to for comfort is Duseís brother Jax, but even when Duse was alive Jax always had a special place in her heart.  Now that her Duse is gone can she allow herself to give into the love she feels for Jax?

Jax never made a secret of his feeling for his brotherís wife.  He knows she may never love him as much as she loved Duse, but he also knows he is what she needs, and has always needed.

Subtle Destiny, the fourth installment of Beth Keryís Subtle Lovers series went as I expected, although I hoped for a different outcome.   I may be amongst the minority but I was hoping that Skylar didnít turn to Jax for emotional, sexual or any type of comfort.  Jax has been through hell, and I do have sympathy for him but Iím still not a fan of his and I felt it was a disservice to Duseís memory to have them be together.  Subtle Destiny drew some strong reactions from me and although I wasnít happy with the coupling, I still found it to be just was good as the prequels in this series.  Ms. Keryís talent and imagination is fantastic and as usual she produced some really hot sex scenes.  So for all of those following this series and have been rooting for Skylar and Jax you will really enjoy Subtle Destiny.

Note:  I strongly suggest reading the Subtle Lovers series in sequential order.


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