Striking Sparks by Jordan Castillo Price

A Psycop Novelette

Lulu Press

Reviewed by Nannette



Andrew is very distraught when he arrives too late to get his palm read. The psychic, Lydia, had closed shop and left for the day. Andrew is busy banging his head against the glass when Crash startles him out of his misery and takes him inside. Much to his surprise, Crash seems to know exactly what Andrew needs, and he gives it to him - all night long. Andrew wanted to know if he should go through with his impending marriage. Crash shows him what he should be doing.

Striking Sparks is very, very hot. Its got kinky, dirty, sex and its a lot of fun. Crash is introduced in the first Psycop novel, Among The Living.  He is exactly like I thought hed be! Hes incredibly sexy and has an irresistible edge to him. Hes a bad boy. Andrew is a sweet guy with a hidden dirty side. Not much gets resolved with Andrews marriage dilemma, and youre not really sure what happens between Andrew and Crash afterwards. However, I got the feeling that Crash really likes Andrew, more than he thought he would, and that Andrew feels the same about Crash. I would love to read more about them and see them get their happily ever after because Im a hopeless romantic.


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