Storm-Singer by Denysé Bridger

Forbidden Publications

Paranormal Fantasy Vampire

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Jaden rules the Isle of Nyx and is feared and hated by the people of the Rim Rocques.  For countless years he has plundered ships, seizing men, women and treasure.  The only person that has been his companion and lover for eons is the sorceress Arrah.  Arrah does not approve of the spoils from Jaden’s latest raid.  The captive treasure is Sarita, Princess of Aurora Isle.  Arrah has promised to destroy anyone that is a threat to Jaden.  It does not matter that the ruthless vampire is more than capable of taking care of himself.

The writing style of Storm-Singer is lyrical.  The story content recalls the voice and tone of early fantasy novels that I enjoyed reading by authors Tanith Lee, C.L. Moore and Marion Zimmer Bradley.  The twist is that Jaden and Sarita would be considered the bad guys in those stories, and honestly speaking, they are not a loving, pleasant pair.  There is no romance, only dark, savage struggles of passionate dominance and power.   

Arrah’s character development is stronger than Jaden’s and Sarita’s, which is nil.  Jaden’s sexy and dynamic as any Master vampire, yet with little depth.  He wasn’t worthy of Arrah and I couldn’t excuse his faults as vampire ‘quirks’.  I liked that Arrah had no illusions about him while commanding his respect.  Still, I wanted her to turn the tables on him and seize absolute control.  To some degree she does, but at the price of self-betrayal.  In this sense, she was unlike the heroines I fell in love with that Ms. Lee, Ms. Moore and Ms. Bradley created in their works.  Ms. Bridger has a character with potential in Arrah, and perhaps the give away is the title, Storm-Singer, alluding to her magical gifts.  Arrah is obviously the star of the show, which for me redeemed this story. 


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