Sons of Amber: Ezekiel by Bianca D'Arc


Futuristic, Ménage a Trois

ISBN: 1-59426-617-4

Reviewed by: Vivian



Ezekiel is one of the many Sons of Amber.  These are men who are genetically engineered to save humanity from an enemy virus that kills human males.  After crash landing on a planet, a local inhabitant comes to is rescue and nurses him back to health.

When he awakens, he realizes that this colony of humans has been unaffected by this bio weapon.  He decides he needs to protect them, as well as Angela, the woman who stirs all kinds of new emotions into him.  With the enemy close on his heels, he enlists all the Sons of Amber to protect them and the rest of humanity.

Sons of Amber: Ezekiel has an intriguing storyline and wonderfully written characters.  Zeke’s mission is in direct conflict to his new found emotion:  love.  This book has combined the romance with the erotic making it a wonderful love story.  It has some steamy hot sex scenes, and even a little ménage action with his brother Michael.  Sons of Amber: Ezekiel is an unforgettable tale that will touch your heart and fans of Bianca D’Arc will not be disappointed.


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