Some Gave All by Aline de Chevigny, Jefferson Dane, Wayne Greenough, J.M. Snyder

Aspen Mountain Press


ISBN:  978-1-60168-104-1

Reviewed by Cassie



“Memorial Meeting” by Aline de Chevigny

Eugenie, aka Genie, is thrilled to be going to a WWI veterans’ meeting in her grandfather’s place, to meet the nurse he once loved and lost.  When she arrives at the hotel, however, she discovers that like her grandfather, the nurse has also passed away, sending her grandson William in her place.  There is an instant attraction between Genie and William.  Will the grandchildren find the love their grandparents were denied?

“Memorial Meeting” is a sweet, cute tale of old loves lost and found, as well as new ones.  Genie and William were likeable characters, and I really liked learning about their grandparents’ wartime romance. 


“Flyover” by Jefferson Dane

After a horrific experience in Afghanistan, Sergeant Kyle Kleinmann is in the hospital to recover both physically and mentally.  With the help of a psychiatrist and his kind nurse, he tries to explain the events that led to his hospitalization.

“Flyover” is a complex and ultimately rather strange tale.  What begins as a seemingly normal (if sad) case of PTSD soon reveals itself to be the reaction to a bizarre paranormal event.  If you’re reading this story for romance, you’ll be disappointed—the romance doesn’t come into play all that much—but if you’re interested in reading an unusual tale that involves the paranormal as well as a soldier working through personal issues and coming out better for it, you’ll enjoy “Flyover.”


“Thanet Blake’s Memorial Day” by Wayne Greenough

On Memorial Day, private detective Thanet Blake accompanies his mother to several graveyards in order to honor family and friends.  At one graveyard, however, he is hired by a most unusual client…

“Thanet Blake’s Memorial Day” seems to be one of those stories that would make a lot more sense if the reader has already read previous books.  I liked Thanet’s sarcasm, skepticism, and willingness to help those who needed it.  The main storyline of helping a ghost’s widow was interesting as well.  I didn’t like the constant references to things that must have happened in previous stories, or the characters that were never fully explained.  “Thanet Blake’s Memorial Day” also featured an ending, which, in my mind, was kind of a downer. 


“For the Boys” by J.M. Snyder

Carl Prosser isn’t too happy when his friend cons him into going with him to try to meet a girl from the USO.  He’s afraid they’ll get caught, and besides, he’s more interested in a certain boy from the chorus line.  Then he actually gets to meet the guy, Tommy, and everything’s perfect.  With the Korean War on, is there any way for their relationship to survive?

“For the Boys” was my favorite story in the anthology.  I loved shy, earnest Carl and sweet, happy Tommy.  Carl’s first-person narration drew me into the story, and I felt every emotion with him.  Watching them come together was wonderful, and wondering if they were going to be able to stay together was nerve-wracking.  “For the Boys” was an emotional roller coaster, but in a good way.  Anyone who likes deep, emotional love stories should check this one out.


I have to say I was a bit disappointed with Some Gave All.  I was hoping for some serious wartime love / drama, and while a couple of the stories delivered, the others did not have much (if any) romance.  Still, “Memorial Meeting” was a fun read, and in my opinion “For the Boys” was good enough to justify the purchase of Some Gave All on its own. 


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