Deadly Sins: Sloth by Eve Vaughn

Sloth by Eve Vaughn

Deadly Sins

Changeling Press


ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-360-4

Reviewed by Nellie



In the book, there are two sisters, Felicity a sloth, and Billie Cartwright, the very hardworking. Itís amazing how much trouble a slothful person can get into that the forever hardworking older sister has to keep getting her out of. But when Felicity is accused of murder, Billie realizes she is in way too deep and seeks help from Grant Jorgensen the charismatic lawyer whose touch sends a burning trail on her flesh. But how will Billieís knight fare against a demon.  That is a good question.

If you need a book with action and a little Paranormal, Sloth is a book for you. I liked the book but I felt the characters were not fully developed. The story line was solid and it left me wanting to explore the other six deadly sins in this authorís collection.


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