Sins of Adaven by Ruth D. Kerce

Elloraís Cave Publishing


ISBN: 9781419913624

Reviewed by Indy



In a world filled with more pleasure than you can imagine, along with the lifestyle of sex that permeates Planet Adaven is also drugs, crime and murder. Having lost the most important person in the world to her, Symone wants to avenge his death by causing Slade, the man responsible, pain. Slade is already living with the guilt that came from losing his partner, and now to find out his partnerís sister is hell bent on finding out what happened is giving him nightmares. Fortunately in a world where sinful pleasures are plenty and love is rare, Symone and Slade will find themselves experiencing both as they try to stay alive while being hunted by people who would rather see them laying face down permanently.

After reading the blurb for Sins of Adaven I was totally curious about a futuristic world filled with hedonistic pleasures. Adaven is a world where public sexual encounters are the norm and finding it is only a click away. Slade was actually the kind of man I love to read about: sexy, dark, with a lot of bad boy genes and excessive virility to match. Then you combine him with a hot-headed heroine who doesnít allow fear to stop her and what you have is an explosive combination that is raw and dynamic to watch. I found myself smiling, laughing, and of course, sighing as Slade and Symone worked their way through misunderstandings and pure carnal need that turned into something deeper.  Ruth D Kerce did an excellent job creating a couple who were fun to read about, exciting to experience and invigorating to explore. Iím hoping that this will not be the end to Planet Adaven because there are definitely other stories to tell, and I for one want to be first in line to get them.


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