Sins and Redemption by Lyn Cash

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419916830

Reviewed by Zayn



Layla Randall is a forty-five-year-old advice columnist at Bennett Publications.  Sexual Sins is the newest entry in her weekly column, Love with Layla.  It lists seven deadly sins men commit in relationships.  Her boss asks her to collaborate with a new reporter, twenty-something-year-old Patrick Brent. 

Patrick is an experienced journalist who wants to try his hand at writing for a magazine.  His first assignment is to write a rebuttal to Layla’s column.   Sexual Redemptions is the title of his column and when Patrick meets Layla, he is eager to prove that his advice is sound.

Sins and Redemption was not believable.  Lyn Cash did little to convince me why writing fluff for a magazine would appeal to a journalist who has covered everything from war to politics.  The advice columns that the story was based on were funny and interesting, but largely ignored for the length of the story.  I would have liked to see more of the dynamics of the older gal, younger guy relationship.


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