Shades of Gray by Amarinda Jones

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419912887

Reviewed by Indy



Working out takes on a whole new meaning for frustrated and frumpy Temperance Larkin as her evening power walk turns into a frenzied sexual encounter with a local cop. Asher Marriot is currently working undercover on a hunt for a vampire turning his city into an endless sea of dead bodies. Long given up on the chance to find happiness, Asher is blown off his feet by the feisty personality of the human Temperance. With her drought being officially over Temperance decides to go with the flow and have as many mind altering encounters with Asher as possible. Who cares if thereís some zealous vampire bent on revenge and wanting to use Temperance to get it, nothing will keep her from her man...vamp!

Iíve made no secret about my love for humorous stories filled with plenty of hot trysts and tons of laugh inducing encounters. Shades of Gray is another gut buster from Amarinda Jones well known for her red-hot heroines and their strong and lovable partners. Temperance takes her place right by the side of her predecessors for her ability to take any situation in stride. Any woman who can spend her evenings working out in a cemetery has nothing but respect from me. Asher was a cuddly hero albeit a little old-fashioned in his terms of endearment. Shades of Gray is another great story that kept me giggling, blushing and totally captivated. A reader who enjoys a lot of fun and couples that burn up the pages will love Amarinda Jonesí latest.



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