Sexsomniac by Fiona Jayde


Changeling Press

Futuristic Paranormal

ISBN:  978-1-59596-955-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Aine was working her regular shift until Enforcer Cassair decided to drop in.    Too bad he didn’t realize this Kol’dun witch was not going down without a fight.    Her slate was clean and after surviving her ruthless ex-lover, Feur, she had more than earned the right to be left alone. 

Cassair is determined to use any means necessary to track down the renegade Kol’dun who’s been murdering women by feeding off their life-force.  Aine gains more leverage by using the attraction that Cassair feels for her—and that she returns—to control the situation, knowing full well that he can haul her in at anytime for illegally using magic.  This lands her into deeper trouble and her choices become fewer by the moment. Not that she’s complaining.  Cassair is pretty darn hot for an Enforcer. 

What intrigued me the most about Sexsomniac was the use of technology and magic, along with the fact that Cassair has access to both because he is half-human and half-Kol’dun.  It allows for more flexibility, while ensuring that he is not invincible.  This means when his gifts are combined with Aine’s, who is a full-blood Kol’dun, they make a dynamic duo in the bedroom and out.  Cassair and Aine are always ready to cover one another’s back.  In this sense, they share courage and a code of honor.  There’s loads of action and sexual tension fueling the plot, too.  Feur is irredeemable and frightening, so it’s pretty impressive that Aine managed to escape her relationship with him.  Sexsomniac holds uniqueness for the setting, with an interesting subplot that made me want to know more about the Kol’dun, Aine and Cassair which means this series has a very promising start.



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