Sex Me Sweet by Tianna Xander & Bonnie Rose Leigh

Children of the Triad, Book 2


Sci-Fi/Menage/and M/M romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Hienial -Halflings Demit and Xymus has been best friends since birth and mates for a number of years now.  While many of their kind might take pleasure with men while they wait to find their female mate, these two are mated out of love.  Though recently they have felt that something is missing, and that a change might be in the wind.  They are awaiting word from their friend Viktor (See Children of the Triad, Book 1 for his story) who they helped send to find the leader the Goddess had foretold of.  When they respond to an alarm on the relic Hienial ship they have been working on, they are stunned to find their mate.  They know instantly by her scent and how they feel around her.  Will she accept both of them?

Ariella, dragon princess, daughter of an original triad, and twin is also a computer whiz.  So when Viktor tells them where this Hienial ship is, she takes her guard and heads out to see what she can find.  While she is making progress, she is suddenly bombarded with the knowledge that her mates are in the area.  She suspected that she would be part of a triad as her parents and sister both are.  She hoped to find her mate/mates while helping good friend Ryo find his people.  But now she is concerned as they appear to already be mated.  Will they accept her, and will they accept the fact that she won’t choose between the two and wants them both?  They must all sort this out while also deciphering the information hidden within the computers of the relic ship.

In Sex Me Sweet this dynamic writing duo delves into an area they haven’t written about before in this series, the males in this triad were lovers before meeting their female third.  I have to say hats off to you both for a fine job.  I am not a normal m/m fan but this story kept me intrigued.  I have to say the overall storyline for this entire series still holds my interest, even in this next generation, and I want more.  I hope some day they are all published in a print anthology for my “keeper shelf”.  Until then all I can say is if you are looking for a hot erotic sci-fi , Sex Me Sweet, book two of the Children of the Triad series is for you.



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