Sex Me At Last by Tianna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh

Children of the Triad, Book 6

eXtasy Books

Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Shifter Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55487-067-7

Reviewed by Tanya



Ryo of Kneese and Jered Hallen are on a dual mission. They are off to find their mate and their queen, which will fulfill their prophecy as well as their lives.  They have been directed towards Earth where they have found a community of Hienial-Humans.  The one thing they didn’t figure they would have to do is to fight for their mate, and the rest of their race.  But one thing is for sure: they will not force anyone to leave Earth or to mate with them.  It quickly becomes evident that Harlow is attracted to them also.  Will she accept that she is to be a queen, and will her community let her and others go?

Sit down and ready yourself for the final chapter of the Children of the Triad series, and see where imagination takes you.

Oh, no.  It appears that Sex Me At Last is the end of an era, or the triad stories by this dynamic duo, at least.  This is the last triad that needed to form to fulfill the prophecy and a fitting end it was.  I think this duo did a wonderful job with both this story and the series.  I enjoyed how in this book we have a part-human woman who has many more special talents than she even knows.  Adding to the spice of this story is the ménage with her mates, as well as finding out about their inner powers and finally finding peace within themselves.  I enjoyed Sex Me At Last and I think you will also, especially if you have followed either the Children of the Triad or the original Triad Series.



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