Seniorella by Robin Rotham

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: I9781419912146

Reviewed by Elysia



Once upon a time Grace Hendrick loved a perfectly charming, dominant, man. But when he asked her for something she wasn’t ready to give, she ran away, and has regretted it for the last thirty years. She’d give anything to have that chance back.

When a wish made on the spur of the moment gives her exactly that, Grace vows to live the next twelve hours the way she wished she had thirty years ago. If she’d only known then what she knew now, things would have been so different. But how much life can one person squeeze into one day?

I loved Seniorella. I think Robin Rotham did an excellent job with Seniorella. It was fun, sweet, sexy, and just plain wonderful. I loved the fact that Grace knew what she wanted, approached things like a mature woman of age and went for it all. Grace’s fear, anxiety and excitement were all caught perfectly, and the sex was hot. Jared’s love for her was so apparent it made me sad to think of her without him for the last thirty years. I have to say that I will definitely be picking up Ms. Rotham’s next book, and any after that.


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