Seduction of the Phoenix by Michelle M. Pillow

Zhang Dynasty, Book 1

New Concepts Publishing

Futuristic Romance

ISBN:  1-58608-854-8

Reviewed by Jambrea



Prince Zhang Jin is bored during the ceremony for him and his brothers to find brides when he is forced to claim an intriguing stranger for his wife.

Francesca La Rose is caught red-handed trying to steal from the royal family.  In order for her to stay alive, she must agree to marry the prince.

Outside influences force Jin and Francesca together to save the Zhang Empire.  Will they succeed? Or will the empire fall while Jin and Francesca fight the raising passion for each other.

Seduction of the Phoenix  is an interesting blend of the Asian culture and a futuristic world.  Michelle M. Pillow did a wonderful job weaving the two together.  Both Jin and Francesca underestimate each other and it is fun to watch the two of them come to respect and love each other.  The interactions between the Zhang family and their ancestors add an interesting twist on this story, giving it a very old world feel.  Ms. Pillow gave me an interesting view into a wonderful world and I hope there are more stories on the Zhang family.


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